Cluster Heading


#.XX.#  Complete standard written out here.  We highlight in yellow words from the standard that we will concentrate this document on.

Defining Instructional Shifts/Vocabulary/Strategy


Here is information for the teacher that goes in-depth on the strategy, instructional shift, or new definition that we feature from the standard.  Frequently there will be examples and pictures here.  This section will answer the “what does it mean”, “why does it matter”, and the “how do I do it” questions. All items throughout the rest of this document that are highlighted in pink will eventually be linked (e.g., a practice standard will be linked a document that provides the formal definition as well as grade-level examples).  

Coherence and Connections: Need To Know


This section will specifically address the connections to other standards, which may include standards from the grade above or the grade below.  Frequently information from the Progression documents and PARCC Model Content Frameworks will be cited here.

Classroom Resources


This section will always include a Daily Discourse PowerPoint.   It may also include links to games, manipulatives, templates, etc.  Sometimes other resources, like a video, may be included.

HOT Questions


Higher Order Thinking Questions or activities provide educators some guidance on quality questions to help educators go deeper, taking the material to a reasoning level different than procedural questions.  This section provides guiding, facilitative questions for the teachers.  HOT Questions can use in formative or summative assessments.  We encourage all educators to frequently use formative assessment (observations, exit tickets, bell-ringers, journals or checklists, to name a few).

Additional Resources


Because we know how busy everyone is, we will use this section to provide links to quality resources that educators can use or reference when teaching this standard.  Look for material from Illustrative Mathematics, Inside Mathematics, Illinois K-5 Math Shift Kits, PARCC, and other educational /state websites.