This website was created by ISBE Math Content Specialists and Illinois Math Educators to provide a deep understanding of specific Content Standards at each grade level in the New Illinois Learning Standards.  Information here can be used with any curriculum to enhance classroom instruction and specifically incorporate daily math discussions with higher order thinking questions.  Materials are designed for the teacher but incorporate instructional strategies, questions, and tasks to use directly in the classroom.  We strived to make this website user-friendly, research-based, and focused on key ideas.  Standards were chosen based on information new to the grade, information that had moved significantly from previous grades, new or modified definitions, and strategies explicitly called out in the standards.  We encourage all educators to provide feedback so we can continue to make improvements to this website.  

Teacher Guides


Each Teacher Guide includes:

  • Standard

  • Defining the Instructional Shift/Vocabulary/Strategy

  • Coherence and Connections: Need to Know

  • Classroom Resources

  • HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Questions

  • Additional Resources

Daily Discourse


Power Points designed to promote Mathematical Discourse in the classroom.  The Daily Discourse Guide provides an outline as to how Daily Discourse can look in the classroom with suggested questioning strategies and video examples. 

All materials here can be utilized to supplement any curriculum or instructional resources.


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